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Discipline Mistakes Parents Make

Although almost every parent wants great kids, many parents aren’t sure how to get there. Here are three of the most common child discipline mistakes and how to avoid them. 1. Treating children like pets, not people Starting in the womb, the entire journey of having children is often viewed…Read More

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How to Plan for the Unexpected—Part 2

Annie Babbitt, guest contributor In the first part of this essay, we discussed how to create and legalize a will. Now let’s move on to the harder task of choosing a guardian and caring for your child in case of unexpected death of you and/or your spouse.   Choosing Guardianship…Read More

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7 Reasons to Enroll Your Child in Private School

Melanie Hargrave, guest contributor When it comes to your child’s education, you want to pick the system that will benefit your child the most. Do you choose to put your trust in the public school system or the private school system? Or maybe you’re considering taking the responsibility on yourself…Read More

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Finding a Kid Friendly Home

Alyssa Sullivan, guest contributor Buying a new home is an exciting event in your life no matter who you are, but when you have kids and a family, there are some special aspects of a home that you need to look for. Finding the right kid friendly home can take…Read More

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How To Have A Safe Flight With Your Kids

Mark, guest contributor Keeping our children safe is our responsibility. Whether during a car ride, while my kids are riding a bicycle, or before, during and after a flight, safety for my children is my number one concern. When traveling with kids on a flight, it’s all about managing things…Read More

Is It Time To Improve Your Parenting Skills?

  Charlie Smith, guest contributor Being a parent isn’t a job, it is a lifelong turn of events that can bring us so much joy and at other times it kicks us where it hurts. Family life is just so unpredictable that we are constantly learning and developing ways in…Read More

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8 Car Seat Safety Secrets

Patricia, guest contributor Car seats are usually one of those things that you don’t pay too much attention to. When you buy a car, you wouldn’t really be too particular with the car seats. Most of the time, the state or the quality of the car seats wouldn’t be a…Read More

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Keeping kids calm during stormy weather

Hello, Ed here again. Yesterday’s devastating tornado in Oklahoma is a somber reminder of the power and fury a storm conjure up. Storms can be a scary experience, but this is especially true for children who don’t understand what is happening or are afraid of the lightning and thunder. Even…Read More

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Clean plate policies may cause unhealthy eating habits later in life

“You’d better finish what’s on your plate or your aren’t getting any dessert!” We all remember hearing that familiar phrase as kids while sitting at the dinner table, staring at those now-cold brussel sprouts that refuse to disappear. As it turns out, the combined findings from two new studies show…Read More

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How Safe is Safe?

Safety is a topic high on every parent’s priority list. We all worry about the safety of our children in an uncertain world where danger lurks around every corner and we may feel inadequate to provide them with the necessary training for self defense. The question is how can I…Read More

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