KANG Taekwondo Professional Instructors

All martial arts instructors at KANG Taekwondo in Elk Grove, CA are trained to ensure that our martial arts classes are safe, effective and fun.

Our instructors and instructor assistants are trained to focus on more than just teaching martial arts skills. KANG Taekwondo staff also are taught how to work with all students, tailoring their martial arts teaching methods to fit the individual child.

Emphasis is put on encouragement and positive correction.

We are committed to teaching the physical skills of martial arts while applying attitude-shaping exercises aimed at bringing out the best character and physical potential in each student.

Through weekly martial arts training, instructors advance their own knowledge, skills, and abilities to become even more effective martial arts teachers.

The KANG Taekwondo instructors are required to maintain their personal level of martial arts knowledge and a high level of personal growth. They are expected to take classes on a regular basis and test at least once per year.

Our Elk Grove martial arts staff at KANG Taekwondo looks forward to working with you.

Here is some additional information about our Taekwondo instructors:

Martial Arts Instructors Biographies


Chief Master Se Hyung Kang – 8th Degree Black Belt

Chief Master Kang has been involved in TaeKwonDo since 1961. He first began training and studying when he was in the 8th grade, and has continued ever since. He joined the ATA family 14 years ago. On the recommendation of Master Han Ju Kim, he visited the ATA and spoke with the Eternal Grand Master H.U. Lee. “I was impressed with Eternal Grand Master H.U. Lee’s love and philosophy of TaeKwonDo, so I decided to join the ATA.”

Chief Master Kang was able to attend college on a TaeKwonDo scholarship. As TaeKwondo Competitor in college, Chief Master Kang has won a number of gold medals in TKD Sparring Tournament Championships. He has also participated in the Korean Rock Army as a TaeKwondo competitor and worked in the Korean airlines for 10 years as a Sky Martial. He is the former president of the Korean Taekwondo Consulting Company,LTD.( franchised over 1500 TaeKwonDo Studios in Korea) Before he established the KTC, he was the most successful TaeKwonDo school owner in Korea and won a number of awards including the “Best Tae Kwon Do Studio Award,” “Tae Kwon Do Dedication Award,” and the ” Appreciation Award.”

In Studying the philosophies of TaeKwonDo, Chief Master Kang has learned many valuable lessons. ” Songahm TaeKwonDo has helped me to understand the philosophy of courtesy, respect, love, friendship, and much more.”

The three things that Chief Master Kang feels are most important to a TaeKwonDo students’s success are the following: respect for your Seniors, practicing until have achieved perfection, and taking action to reach your goals, not just talking about it.

Outside of TaeKwonDo Chief Master Kang has many interests. He enjoys playing golf and staying in top physical shape. He would like to be remembered for contributing to the great history of TaeKwonDo.


Master Jay Kang – 6th Degree Black Belt

When he was 4 years old, Master Jay Kang started training TaeKwondo under instruction of his father, Chief Master Kang. TaeKwonDo has helped Master Kang continue to learn and grow as a person. It has also helped him overcome some of the more challenging times in his life. ” When I began I was very shy and unsure of myself. TaeKwonDo has taught me to be much more outgoing and confident in my abilities.”

His advice to students to help them succeed in TaeKwonDo includes the following three important ideas. “Practice, Practice, Practice. Nothing great was ever accomplished without practice. Teach. Watching people learn and grow personally is one of the most rewarding things you can do in your life. Don’t ever stop learning or training. Constantly striving to improve and learn is what being a Black Bel is all about.” He would like to be remember for being the best leader that he can be, helping his students strive to reach their full potential. ” My father, Chief Master Kang, has been a great example of how to lead with courage and honor.