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We have written a variety of free martial arts reports based on our extensive experience in working with people of all ages on their personal development.

Most of these reports are written for parents, but we’ve been told the information they contain is of value to almost anyone.

Our current reports are listed below.

To get access, just click the link of the martial arts report for which you have an interest.

Human Potential: How Parents Can Maximize It In Their Child

Help! My Child Needs More Confidence

How Can I Get My Child To Focus

Say Yes To Discipline

Keys To A Healthy Weight For Your Child

Five Criteria For Selecting An After School Program

* How To Put On A Better Birthday Party

* Martial Arts Styles Overview

Five Reasons Why Martial Arts Is the Best Fitness Program For Adults

In addition, we have a developed a weekly emailed newsletter — Life Lessons From Martial Arts Masters — that shares our strategies for motivating kids to set goals, keep trying, follow through and do their best.

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