Certifications & Awards

KANG Taekwondo is the very best place in the Elk Grove area for kids and families to develop character, physical fitness, and self-defense skills. Our customers tell us this all of the time and it is evident from the awards and certifications we’ve received over the years — as described below.

2017 Best of Elk Grove

Elk Grove Hub (http://www.elkgrovehub.com) gives out awards every year for the best businesses in various local categories. In 2017, our Elk Grove martial arts school – Kang’s ATA Self Defense – was voted the top school in the Elk Grove Area

Better Kids Institute

Better Kids Institute

The Better Kids Institute is a global organization with the goal of helping parents bring up better children — via two areas of focus:

  • Working with child development experts from throughout the world to provide valuable content for parents on how to bring up better kids.
  • Identifying the best resources in local communities throughout the United States to help parents find great activities for their children.

We are honored to have been selected to be listed on the Better Kids Institute website as both an expert and as a local resource to parents.