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How To Use Martial Arts To End Bullying

Bullying is a growing problem for children. For the child being bullied, it can destroy their self-confidence and self-esteem and negatively impact their view of the world. It can have negative consequences for the bully as well. Plus, bullies often have serious problems with self-control that need to be addressed….Read More

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Personal Benefits Your Child can Gain from Martial Arts

Discipline may not be the simplest lesson to learn because it can feel like one is bound to limitations. People have a hard time understanding boundaries, but it is a vital lesson parents around the world have forgotten to pass down, which some say has led to an anti-social generation. You…Read More

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Confidence and Martial Arts

Whether or not you had self-confidence as a child, you likely want your own children to grow up with a healthy feeling of self-confidence. Self-confidence means that you have a sense of trust in your own talents, merits, and intelligence. Children build self-confidence by participating in activities that allow them…Read More

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How Martial Arts Can Help Children Battle Bullying

Bullying is becoming a major problem in the United States. This type of intimidation against others needs to stop, but there are no clear solutions. This is one reason people are trying to figure out how to protect their kids. Surprisingly, one solution to this issue is none other than…Read More

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How Martial Arts Fosters Self-Confidence in Children

As parents, we want our children to become the best versions of themselves. We want them to be able to navigate a tumultuous world with ease and grace. We need them to have the mental capability to assess situations and come up with effective solutions. It’s also simply imperative for…Read More

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Bullying and Martial Arts

When you are helping your children choose their extracurricular activities, chances are you want to help them pick a pastime that will benefit them in the long run. Team sports, social clubs, and activities involving the arts can all have a lasting effect on the well-being of children who participate….Read More

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Confidence and Martial Arts

If you have a child who struggles with physical fitness, enrolling them in a martial arts class may be the solution to this common problem. In this electronically-dominated age, parents and caregivers may find it challenging to get kids off the couch and keep them moving. With martial arts, many…Read More

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Martial Arts Exercise

Parents of young children often get worn out when trying to keep up with them. As they get older, we do our best to teach them how to behave. We try to involve them in activities to keep them occupied, as well as to socialize them. Children are full of…Read More

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Martial Arts Fitness

Martial Arts Fitness Does your child enjoy rolling, jumping, kicking and yelling? Of course, he or she does. Every kid loves flexing their muscles whether they are physical ones or mental ones. What better way for a kid to flex their muscles than with karate, tae kwon do, kickboxing, and…Read More

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6 Reasons Why Martial Arts Are Good for Your Kids

Martial arts are a fitness regime that combines mental and physical concentration to get results. Today’s kids are spending less and less time outdoors and plenty of time indoors with their attention fixated on PlayStation consoles, television, mobile gadgets and video games. Martial arts can provide an opportunity for your…Read More

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